Processes using leather

Leather, Skins, 

Dyeing leather

Dyeing and sealing the raw leather is an essential part of the process of any leather project

Glass blowing

The blowing of molten glass is one of the ultimate skills of a craftsman. Molten glass is taken from a furnace using a metal blow pipe. It is then formed and blown and further colours or pieces of coloured glass are added to create something magical.

Flame work

Small items like glass beads are formed individually using coloured glass rods. that Slightly less skill required than blowing, but is still difficult.

Tube or hollow glass blowing

Also known as laboratory glass. Glass is heated and blown, bended, pulled, pinched or crimped into many shapes.

Pate De Vere

This is a piece by the master Rene Lalique (1860 – 1945). Glass was crushed and cast into moulds and then fired for several days. Many of his techniques were lost with his passing.

Kiln glass

Glass is fused, slumped and coloured in electric kilns to create tiles, bowls, and many more items.


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