Jewellery Making

Jewellery making

Jewellery is made with very many different materials and processes. From individual commissioned pieces to mass-produced. Here are a few of those versatile processes you might be interested in getting involved with.

We will most more as time allows. Perhaps if Jewellers out there wish to provide us with more processes. We’s love to hear from you.

Jewellery Design

Some artisans are also able to design beautiful products, others just to the specialist processes in production. Either way, Jewellery Design is critical in the process of making fine jewellery. This is a design by Rémy Rotenier of the USA.

Cutting and Piercing

Cutting and piercing metal sheets is one of the easiest processes. It is time consuming and needs accuracy, but the results can be impressive.


This is a process used to create raised or sunken designs in a sheet of metal. One popular type of embossing is Repoussé – a technique in which a malleable metal sheet is shaped by hammering from the reverse side in order to create a design in low relief. 


Enamel can be transparent, opaque or translucent, while a wide range of different colours and hues may be added to the smelted glass by mixing it with various minerals, like the metal oxides cobalt, iron, neodymium, praseodymium and others.



While champlevé creates sunken compartments of decorative enamel work, cloisonné enamellers solder flat metal strips (or silver/gold wires) onto the surface of the metal object, creating mini-walled compartments (cloisons, in French) which are then filled with enamel and fired


Yet another method of enamel work, it is similar to cloisonné, except that the floors of the ‘compartments’ are engraved with a low-relief design. The compartments are then filled with translucent enamel allowing the design to be seen through it.

Investment Casting

The casting of molten metals into once-off ceramic moulds. Also known as the Lost Wax Process.

Stone Setting

The fitting, setting and securing the stone or stones into the clasps. This is a specialised skill and is often done by someone other than then jeweller.


The cutting and polishing of gem and semi-precious stones.

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