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In South Africa, there are limited trade show (Expo’s) to sell your wares. 

  • Decorex
  • Design Joburg
  • Homemakers

Each have a different profile and target market. So it is important to understand this, as you could waste a lot of money and time selecting the wrong show for your products. The following is a diagram which will explain this better:

Important, DO NOT BELIEVE the sales rep that calls on you to convince you to exhibit at their Expo. 

We have monitored these shows for several years and the fact is that the visitor numbers have declined drastically. This is not because they are doing a bad job, but rather that many shops have closed over the last ten years. This might be because of the proliferation of online stores. 

Return on investment is an issue. Should you believe that you invest R40 000 and get R25 000 in sales. It can be said that the sales might come later, we have never been convinced of this. If you invest in a your own online shop and spend this money on Facebook or Google Adwords, you will have a direct return on your investment over a longer period. The major argument in favour of this approach is that these Expo’s are for 4 days only. Your online store is 24/7 for 365 days. Further, you have complete control of your customer base.

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