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So what do you understand Craft products to be. To quote Peter Dormer in his book, The Culture of Craft; “The general definition of “craft”, “Technology” and “Design”,  is pretty hopeless, in the same way a definition of ” Art” tends to be.  To be of any real use, definitions should not proceed through generalities., but like the legal system, evolve through case law by taking account of previous examples and the judgement,s of connoisseurs. Paul Greenhalgh uses the “Case-law” approach to tackling the slippery history of what the term “Craft” means. He begins by noting there are several partially-formed definitions of craft, creating confusion whose ambiguity, he wryly notes, is often to the advantage of the makers and writers: they (we) make the word mean whatever is convenient for the moment. 

To attempt to define this word, has perplexed many and I have yet to find an answer which can sum up a concept that was there when we learned to walk upright and process the meat, skins and bones of our prey, to now when we exhibit original pieces in the name of art at galleries and exhibitions. The answer is not black and white, it is probably more complex than the 50 shade of grey. 

A seemingly infinite different materials, technologies, processes, uses, markets, cultures and levels of skill provide something so intertwined with every aspect of human survival and endevour. For me the complexity and diversity is allure of this concept. Few people have ever known or experienced the true scope of this world. It is everywhere man has made a mark on the earth.