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Are craft products misunderstood?

In the industrialised countries, handicrafts are popularly conceived of mainly as ethnic products with little utilitarian value. They are categorized as curios, tourist souvenirs or as items of artistic interest, but seldom as articles for […]

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Key facts about India’s handicraft Industry

  Key Facts Of Indian Handicrafts Industry India’s rich cultural diversity and heritage provides a unique and huge resource for developing craft products. The Indian Handicraft Industry is showing continuous growth rate of 20% every […]


SWOT Analysis of South African Craft Industry

  Strengths A few good producers Easy access to materials Designer available Large, diversified and potential market. Diversified culture. Diversified product range that service different market. Low barriers of new entry. Need low capital investment. […]


So what is Craft?

So what do you understand Craft products to be. To quote Peter Dormer in his book, The Culture of Craft; “The general definition of “craft”, “Technology” and “Design”,  is pretty hopeless, in the same way […]

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SETA, or Sector Education and Training Authority, is a vocational skills training organization in South Africa. As of March 2011, there are 21 SETAs . Each SETA is responsible for managing and creating learnerships, internships, unit-based skills […]

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Design (DAC Definition)

Excerpt from: FOURTH DRAFTREVISED 1996 WHITE PAPER ONARTS AND CULTUREOCTBER 2017 “Design refers to the conceptual visualising process of applied art, craft, architecture, spatial design and planning, engineering, textiles, jewellery, clothing, furniture, typography, books, posters, […]