All mosaic is normally grouted, except Smalti. This is to frame the Tesserae and to seal the mosaic from water and dirt which will damage and shorten the lifespan. The thickness of the gaps become […]


Wet saw

A saw with a circular diamond blade that cuts through dense materials incuding marbles and granites. Back to Knowledge Base


Vitreous Glass

Know as Venetian glass it is non porous, stain resistant, and frost proof. Common sizes are ¾” (2cm) or 3/16″ (1cm) squares with a flat top face and a ridged and beveled back. They are […]



To tessellate a surface is to cover it with shapes without leaving any gaps. In mosaics, surfaces are often tesselated with irregular shapes fitted closely together. In mathematics, a shape is said to tessellate if […]



Small, usually square pieces of glass or other material used to make a mosaic. Their size generally ranges from a few millimeters to two centimeters long and five to ten millimeters thick. The term derives […]


Pietre dure

Meaning “hard stone”, and sometimes known as “Florentine mosaic”, this is intricate inlay work from thin pieces of coloured stone. The pieces are cut to fit together perfectly, in a similar way to opus sectile. […]



An ancient semi-circular shield shape that commonly features in Roman mosaics. Modified pelta shapes can interlock into a tessellating pattern, for which contrasting colours may be used. The plural is “peltae”.


Micro Mosaic

In these mosaics, ‘micro” refers to the size of the pieces making up the picture. These are tiny filaments of coloured glass, end on. There may be as many as 5,000 to a square inch […]


Memento mori

A memento mori in a work of art is a symbol or portrayal of death. It reminds the viewer that life must end sometime and encourages them to think about their own life. “Memento mori” […]


Grout Sealer

A sealant liquid applied to a grouted mosaic to help waterproof the grout . The sealant can also help protect against staining. For a cement-based grout, sealant should be applied after the grout has completely […]