Learn basic Woodwork Joints

Woodworking joints have been part of cabinetmaking for hundreds of years. The finest furniture uses the right joint for the right application. Here is a list of some joints and their typical applications: Butt joint […]


Hypertufa Mix

Hypertufa is an amazing cement mix that can be cast and carved. The real character develops later when it ages and the mosses and lichens grow. 1 Part Portland cement 1 1/2 Parts Peat moss* […]


Basic concrete mix

This is the most basic concrete mix for standard concrete work: The aggregate should be between 2,5 and 6mm, it provides bulk and strength. Mixture: 1 Part Portland cement 2 Parts Building sand 3 Parts […]



A method of de-airing and dispersing moisture uniformly by hand in a piece of clay. The lump of clay is repeatedly thrown hard onto the work bench, turned over and occasionally cut through and re-joined.


Vitrification of ceramic

The progressive fusion of a material or body during the firing process. As vitrification proceeds the proportion of glassy bond increases and the apparent porosity of the fired product becomes progressively lower.



The technique of forming pottery on the potter’s wheel. A ball of prepared clay is thrown on the wheel and it is centred and shaped with the hands.



A device for the measurement of temperature based on the voltage generated when two dissimilar conductors are heated in contact e.g. copper/constantan, chrome/alumel, platinum/rhodium, etc.


Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is the way in which some materials are prone to damage by stresses set up due to differences in temperature in different parts of the article.