Mosaic Design

Design is the cornerstone of Mosaic. The following aspects are critical considerations:

  • Location of work – Is the piece installed or portable? Is it indoor or outdoor? 
  • Materials – What Teserrae are to be used, Smalti or other materials.
  • Colour – If the project is to use Smalti, then you will have about 166 different shades of the rainbow to choose from and you can thus do shading. If it is teserrae with a limited colour range, then you must consider colour theory; like contrasting, complimenting and tones.
  • Line -Clean lines with contrasting colour, texture and even materials provide interest.
  • Texture – Texture comes from materials, variation of size, shape and peppering, shading, etc
  • Flow – the flow or movement in Mosaic is called; The Opus”. Several sections are dedicated to these principles. Mastering The Opus will elevate your work to a level you did not expect to acheive.

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