Lucinda Mudge is an artist working primarily within the medium of ceramics. After obtaining her degree from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT, she went on to work in England where she was introduced to the medium of ceramics. By mixing her own stains and glaze Mudge has developed a ceramic technique that is uniquely her own; deep, colourful and rich. An observer of both the visual and the social-political, Lucinda brings her humorous (and tense) observations of South African life to the forefront in her highly decorative, unique vases.

Her work takes a satirical look at how we relate to the themes beauty and fear in a South African context, and understand how these are connected. The choice of a vase as canvas is not insignificant. Commonly a functional household object, the vase has presence which is genuinely welcoming and friendly, an object that is intended for the home.

Combining a wide variety of local and global pop culture references (including cartoons, pop songs and poems) these vases become a collage of contemporary life, exemplifying the tempo of South African living. These textured, colourful mixtures of laugh-it-off-sentiments of anxiety hope to offer a reminder of the delicacy of social-relations and the fragility of human existence.

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