Iron (FE) is one of the most common metals used in industry, construction, vehicles, products and packaging.

because of its malleability, Iron can be hammered or pressed into any possible shape. Pipes, tubes, sections, rolled sections and sheets from a few microns to thicknesses that allow for bridges, skyscrapers and huge ocean going tankers. No other material can be used from a can for beans to the factory in which they are made and the truck that carries them.

The only downfall is it heavy weight and it oxidizes (Rusts). This means it needs to be treated properly.

Iron can be welded, riveted, bolted. It can be cut with saws, laser (YAG), water jet and plasma cutters.

It can be beaten as in the case of knife makers and blacksmiths. It can be hardened to hold an edge and annealed to be soft and flexible. By adding. Steel is iron with carbon. Stainless steel is made by adding chromium, silicon, nickel. Steel is iron with carbon.

Iron can and should be recycled.

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