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In my list of Craft Wonders of the World, the Ikat weavers of Bali, must be on the top of my list.

The initial cotton or silk thread is spun on a simple hand-made spinning wheel.

Then the master weaver, takes skeins of spun cotton thread and using his minds eye, wraps off sections of the bundle of threads into a seemingly random pattern. This forms a resist for this section of the thread. The skein is then dyed and the wrapped section retains its original colour. Further sections then get wrapped and dyed, building up an elaborate pattern, which can be seen until later.

The entire process takes place in the minds eye of the master craftsman. The characteristic blurriness in Ikat is because of the slight seepage in the wrapping.

Thread, ready for weaving

The weaver removes thewraps  and then following the directions of the master weaver, starts weaving. As they weave, so the pattern from the minds eye of the weaver is revealed.

If that is not amazing enough, they also do Double Ikat, where the warp and the weft are patterned to for the most intricate patterns. The dyer and weaver have to be totally coordinated in order to achieve this amazing feet.

Rare and expensive. Double Ikat form Bali

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