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A craftsman / craftswoman / craftsperson is someone who is accomplished and skilled in a particular creative process. They therefore have the acceptance and endorsement of their piers as someone who has learned and has accomplished a level of competency in his or her particular craft.

Such a skill is based on one or more particular manufacturing processes and/or technology. 

At this level of skill such a person is rarely part of any production line. They typically would be in an individual craftsman as in Craft Artist or as someone who would oversee a production line of Artisans.

The artisans, may themselves one day, become a skilled craftsman. who might specialise in top end high value, low volume production.

The products they produce could either be sold through exhibitions and/ or should they decide to produce a range of commercial wares it might be sold through a boutique or specialist store, but not a mass market store. Such mass produced products are typically made in factories or mass production factories which might be called Sweat shops. The products are what you might see in Decor and Fashion stores in our major shopping centres.