Clarifying Medical Cannabis in South Africa

In the light of recent media reports, the Medicines Control Council wishes to clarify the current framework for access to cannabis for medicinal purposes in South Africa. South Africa is a signatory to various international conventions and remains committed to ensuring that illicit drug-related activities in respect of cannabis are prohibited by law. Cannabis is classified as a Schedule 7 substance in South Africa, making it subject to special restrictions and controls. The official position of the government, as expressed by the Department of Health, is thus to regulate the use of cannabis in order to prevent its illicit use and its potentially harmful effects. As a controlled substance, it is illegal to cultivate, analyse, research, possess, use, sell or supply cannabis without the necessary authorization from the Department of Health as per the legislative requirements. Read more

Healing illegally: The journey of medical cannabis

I understand now the conspiracy of silence around health issues affecting women. Why don’t we talk about a debilitating illness that affects half the world’s population? Why are we so eager to invest billions into male impotence, but stay quiet on menopause?

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