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Being a craftsman has more to do with your skill than about what or how much you make. Typically a craftsman works in one or more materials and within a range of equipment or technology. If you make one, ten , a hundred or thousand does not effect your status as a craftsman. 

Normally a craftsman would employ as many Artisans to do the production. 

A craftsman might do only exhibition work, this is called a Studio Craftsman. If they only make bespoke work and do the work as specified by a designer, they are an Artisan.

Craft is more about tradition of skills; like potters, bodgers, silversmiths, basket weavers or Jewellers. They can further be defined by their materials, technology and / or market in which they operate.

There is no one thing called Craft. It is a broad range of skills, traditions, innovations, technologies, materials, contexts and markets. 

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