Bodging is the traditional woodworking skilled craftsmen, using green (unseasoned) wood to make furniture and utilitarian wooden wares for the farm or country home.

Tools used include the shave horse, spoke shave, Adze, Pole lathe, Draw Knife, turning tools.

The wood is cut from growing trees or saplings and processed in the forest without any drying or seasoning. The wood can be cut into Billets for turning or shaping with the spoke shave or drawknife. The timber can be split into thin strips from especially oak to make fine and durable baskets.

Bodging is an ancient craft skill practiced to this day in many parts of Europe. UK has practicing bodgers, most however can be seen at rural fairs and the like of medieval fairs.

Spoon making is one of the sub categories of bodging, our Zulu spoon makers are particularly skilled.

A few years ago some bodgers did give the local communities in Bulwer in KZN, would love to know what happened further.

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