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Inspirational Hand-crafted Materials

Smile Plastics is a materials design and manufacturing house making exquisite hand-crafted panels from waste materials.

On top of our classics range of panels, we also offer limited editions and a bespoke materials service, as well as a custom design and build service.

Our materials have inspired designers around the world, and have been used in wide-ranging applications from small products to large-scale installations in both residential and commercial premises.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change people’s perceptions around waste via innovation – to use art and technology to unlock the hidden potential in recycling, and open their eyes to the unexpected beauty of scrap. In doing so, we hope to inspire more people about sustainability and recycling.

Our Approach

Our process begins with us exploring the possibilities of waste materials on a pilot scale. We experiment with different waste streams, colours and patterns before trialling our production on a larger scale.

Developing a new material can take several months, though it sometimes takes significantly longer.

(For example, the coffee material used in our Sanremo Verde project took us many years to perfect and is part of a much bigger coffee recycling project which started in 2002.)

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