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Makesa is focused on the development, support and trade for South Africans who make products. Our reach includes: Artisans, Makers and Craftspeople, as well as suppliers of materials, equipment and services. 

Our opinion are independent but biased towards the Makers and their value chain. We are not funded by any government department and thus don’t have to tow any government policy or politics. In fact we resist politicization of enterprise, we believe in free market principles. 

As a supplier of materials, equipment or services, you know the knowledge that is important to our Makers,  lets sit around a table or via Skype and brainstorm how can help you to inform and support your target market.


Sponsorship opportunities are available from an overall site sponsorship, Knowledge base pages, as well as listing pages.

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About Makesa

Makesa is the largest online portal specialising in the development and promotion of South African Artisans, Makers and Crafts people.

Our aim is to provide a  platform for Makers, Craftsmen and Artisans to promote their businesses as well as provide and paid-for educational material to encourage and educate the emerging market.