Makesa is an online portal providing for the development of South African Artisans, Makers, Designers and Crafts people.

Our aim is to provide a free platform where information on a wide range of subjects that are essential for the creation of a sustainable Creative Manufacturing Sector. We span from the  Hobbyist, through to Studio crafts and the Artisanal Handicraft  and even the formal manufacturing sector. We believe that the only real difference is the volume they currently or potentially produce.

It is our objective to develop more Artisans, making products that can fulfill local demand and then potentially be exported. It is our role to research; products, markets, processes, technologies and materials. Further to this we research and develop policy that we might build a sustainable industry for the hundreds of thousands of South Africans who could use their talent and skills to manufacture products that could find markets; in the home, in the office and at leisure.

If you have information that could benefit this initiative, we would be very keen to hear from you. If you disagree with any information, we will be very happy to debate this, that we might all learn more about this exciting industry.

We encourage anyone with an interest in this sector to contact us, that we may discuss your potential involvement. Use the comment form below please…

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