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    It all started in the year 2000, when two brothers and their best friend bumped into an acquaintance who was importing milling equipment into Mzansi. He shared his passion for milling with them, sparking an interest that would grow into the thriving operation they own today!

    The three youngsters threw themselves into the milling industry, working tirelessly to deliver consistently good products that bakers would be proud to use. Due to the demand, they now make other conventional flours, but at the heart of their offering, is their superb stone ground flour. It’s where they started and it’s what bakers keep coming back for. Millstone brings you the finest stone ground artisan flour, with its sought after sweeter, nuttier flavour and coarser texture. We use only the best local and internationally sourced wheat, which is then milled with age-old, slow and gentle methods, using Italian and Danish milling equipment. Rest assured that the contents of our Millstone bags have been made with love, care, friendship and family – all you need to create something special.

    Millstone Stone Ground Flour might be traditional in nature but it’s also manufactured with the latest industry safety standards.

    These include:
    • Halaal Certification 2016
    • Halaal Certification 2015
    • ISO22000 Rating
    • BEE Rating
    • Artisanal flour MSDS
    • R962
    • Non-GMO Statement
    • Kosher Certification

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    Now, go on and bake!

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