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    Who am I?

    After survival and reproduction, this is the most powerful question we ask ourselves as human beings. It is also the question that differentiates us from other creatures. This quest to define ourselves drives my work as a designer.

    Much of my early furniture design work has been about asking the question: Who are we as new South Africans post-1994? The beginning of my career happened to coincide with this positive turning point in South Africa’s history. The Zulu Mama chair, Fiela Feather lights and the Songololo Sofa, launched 10 to 15 years later, were my attempts to provide a tangible answer by expressing our unique multicultural identity as a nation through these physical objects, helping to understand ourselves and creating a sense of belonging to our time and place.

    Since Zuma’s administration much of this naivety has evaporated and been replaced with a more pragmatic desire to make a positive difference to South Africa’s economy through commercial interior design. I have taken my sensitivity to identity and skill to manifest this through objects and spaces and applied these to helping innovative businesses deepen their own sense of identity and purpose in the marketplace and express it through interior design.

    When my clients join me on this journey and ask themselves the age-old question, “Who are we, and what unique value do we offer the world?” great things happen, the essence is uncovered and new parts are discovered. Through forging unique, expressive spaces, a new icon is born.

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