David Krynauw

creating solid wood designs


    David Krynauw grew up on a small farm near Piet Retief, Mpumalanga. He was introduced to carpentry early on by his father and later pursued his interest to design with available materials and started exploring furniture design. Having no formal training in design - although one cannot discount the perfectionism his father ingrained - design inspiration was drawn from his personal experience as well as the materials around him.

    David is still firmly routed in this design philosophy, which is shared by the team working at David Krynauw today. The business has grown from a small workshop on the farm in 2008, to a company employing thirty people in Jeppestown - the industrial node of Johannesburg.

    "As long as we enjoy what we are doing, I believe there will always be an audience to appreciate the work. Our furniture looks deceptively simple, but the focus is to showcase the material by making the art of production as fine as possible, with uncompromising attention to detail which delivers a product with distinct quality."

    David Krynauw is also a proud member of Southern Guild, who have served as slingshots to propel his work into the limelight. The Haywire, David's iconic chandelier, is today sold exclusively through Southern Guild, both locally and internationally.

    As the demand for considered furniture grows, we aim to deliver a growing range of quality products. These products are manufactured at the workshop with attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, CNC machining and a process which challenges conventional production. All of these are essential to the process of bringing the original designs of the David Krynauw Team to life.

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