Makesa has been created specifically for the support of South African Artisans, Makers, Craftsmen and Designers.

Your listing is a single page of all your Internet presence. It contains:

  • Full control by you. Once you register, you have full control of any editing. This can happen easily; 24/7, no restrictions.
  • A cover image to set the tone for your listing. This can be a single picture or a montage of many pictures. It is up to you.
  • Your ‘About us’. Your listing is linked to a Search engine optimization programme that ensures every word is available for searching on Google and other search engines.
  • Your company name, payoff line and logo
  • Your contact details, linked directly to you.
  • Direct links to all your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, Linkedin, Pinterest, DeviantArt, VKontakt, SoundCloud, as well as custom links that do not appear on this list.
  • A Google map of your specified store or place of work.
  • Categories and tags that suit your products or services. As many as suit you. These are all searchable
  • Contact form. A copy of all traffic is kept on our database for quality assurance.
  • Spam security – reCAPTCHA

A full eCommerce facility will be available from mid March 2018

Advertising. The entire site is aggressively marketed on social media and on Google. 25% of all revenue is spent directly on advertising the site, to ensure that each listing benefits. The collective marketing effort directly benefits each organization listed.

Sharing of all your Facebook posts. All posts are shared to our collective Makesa page on Facebook for our paid subscribers. Regular professional posts can be done in advance at a small cost.