All listings go through and approval process before they go live. If your listing does not fit the criteria below, your listing will be deleted and, if applicable, you will be refunded.

All products listed must be made in South Africa or neighboring countries.

Businesses must be owned and operate within South Africa or neighboring countries.

Any form of plagiarism  will not be tolerated, please report any copyright infringements to:

Listings must fit into one of the 4 categories: Makers; Suppliers; Places; Food & Drink.

Listings may not contain hate speech, racism, or homophobia of any kind. You can report  a listing by clicking on the vertical ellipsis button on the right of the listings cover buttons.


Please be thorough with defining your categories and tags as this will help people find you.

As Makesa is still in it’s infancy there are bound to be categories and tags that do not yet exist. If this is true for your business please email: with the details and if approved, your categories/tags will be added to the site.

A listings’ map location is linked to the Physical Address. Please ensure your address can be found/is correct on Google Maps before inserting into the field.

You will have full control over your listing profile and can update/edit it whenever you want.

Promotional Keys are available at a small additional cost. This will make your listing more visible as it will display first in searches and/or be listed in the ‘Featured’ sections on the Home and Main Listing Pages.