Makesa is a private initiative supporting local Makers, Artisans and Craftsmen who make products that are sold in various markets. We focus primarily on Décor, Functional Accessories, Fashion Accessories, Homeware, and Food & Drink, as well as the shops and spaces that support, house, or train the Makers and/or sell their products.

On this site, you will also find information on suppliers of materials, technologies and processes, as well as places that support, house, or train Makers and/or sell their products.

Most of the products available in South African chain stores are imported. This is because very little is made in the volumes demanded by the formal sector market. In short we export leather and import shoes, export gold and import jewellery. Our aim is to change this dire situation.

To be clear upfront, this is not a design, or art, or even craft site, it is about what we call ‘The Creative Manufacturing Sector’.

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This website is totally independent. We are not linked to any government department or agency, or have any affilliations with any trade/consumer shows or commercial publication.  As we control this website without the need for approval from donors or masters of any sort, we are able to develop further ideas or concepts that you might wish to become involved with. We encourage you to contact us to explore potential ventures.

Please feel free to review and comment on any listings. If you feel any producer, product or supplier is breaching any ethical, copyright, environmental or human right, please contact us or report the listing. However, if you abuse your privilege on this site, your IP address will be banned.

We are planning a series of events in the near future. This will include a quarterly shows/expos and a series of talks and crowd funding events. Details will be announced shortly.

We encourage you to explore this site and discover the wealth of talent and quality products that South Africa has to offer, and we hope you will find the information, knowledge and encouragement to either make or trade in South African creative products.