Supporting creative manufacturing in South Africa

Makesa is a private initiative supporting local Makers, Artisans and Craftsmen who make products that are sold in various markets. We focus primarily on Décor, Functional Accessories, Fashion Accessories, Homeware, and Food & Drink, as well as the shops and spaces that support, house, or train the Makers and/or sell their products.

We encourage you to explore this site and discover the wealth of talent and quality products that South Africa has to offer, and we hope you will find the information, knowledge and encouragement to either make or trade in South African creative products.


The Johannesburg Artisan Emporium

Date: 31st October 2018 | Venue: TBC 

We are looking for local makers, artisans, craftsmen/women, designers, tattoo artists, rat rod & cafe racer builders, brewers, distillers and foodies to be part of this alternative exhibition. Our aim is to make this show as affordable as possible (if not free) for all our exhibitors.

No extortionate fees, no sterile spaces, no pretentious posers!

Our aim is to also hold a community-based crowdfunding dinner prior to the event, which we are hoping will become a regular quarterly occurrence.

If you are interested in being part of this unique show, kindly fill in the form and we will send you more details.

This show is only open to South African owned and operated businesses.